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Better Than Glue Conference on Learning Communities – May 6, 2011

We had a very successful conference on May 6, 2011 called Better than Glue.  We had the honor of hosting the well known keynote speakers Professors Phyllis van Slyck and William J.Koolsbergen.  They provided a fascinating experiential introduction to the theory of learning communities. They more than got faculty talking to each other about teaching and learning.  Some faculty reported later that this was one of the few times they could recall where they had an opportunity to talk openly and intensely to other faculty about these issues.

Here is the Table of Contents for the booklet we gave all participants:

Better Than Glue –Building Learning Communities

@ LIU – Brooklyn – May 6, 2011


  • History 
  • Basic Definition
  • The Learning Communities Demonstration: Rationale, Sites, and Research Design
  • Recent Research: What works, on whom, for how long? 
  • The Transformative Power of a Learning Community 
  • NSSE – Experiences that Matter: Enhancing Student Learning and Success, Annual Report 2007
  • Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Army ROTC Learning Community at Ohio University, 2007
  • Phyllis van Slyck, “Learning Communities and the Future of the Humanities,” Profession 2006, 163-176.
  • Implementation: Who should be involved, how do we get started, and what are institutions doing? 
  • Degrees of Collaboration and Core Practices in Learning Communities 
  • Designing a Learning Community in an Hour
  • “Learning Communities” at Long Island University – Brooklyn 
  • Academic Community for Exploration (ACE) and Plan for Academic Success
  • (PAS) in First Year Program        
  • HEOP, Honors, Sports
  • Model UN, Political Science Club
  • Prepared by the Senate Strategic Vision Committee, Long Island University – Brooklyn May 6, 2011
  • Chairs: Jose Ramon Sanchez, Deborah Mutnick
  • Members: Larry Banks, Emily Drabinski, Walter Glickman, Yuko Minowa, Diana Mitrano,
  • Supported by the LIU Faculty Senate, the Provost, and the Board of Trustees



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