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Our LIUBLC Team at the July 2014 National Summer Institute for Learning Communities

The 2014 National Summer Institute on Learning Communities (NSILC) exemplified the kind of deep reflection, critical analysis, and creative experimentation that are the hallmarks of university life. Like our experience at NSLIC 2012, we worked hard this past summer and came back with a solid plan for going forward. We attended expert, detailed workshops on key learning community topics, and received thoughtful, personalized support from the resource staff. We critically examined a variety of program structures at different colleges. And we built good working relations within our LIU team. Most importantly, NSILC reaffirmed our commitment to continually evaluate and redesign our program as it grows by assessing its strengths and weaknesses in relation to learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness.


Outside, working on our plan outside with a NSILC Resource Faculty


Conolly College Assistant Dean Kevin Lauth takes the pic here



LIUBLC Plan for 2014 and beyond takes serious shape


Katie Harmon intrigues us with stories of her adventures as a Yelp master reviewer


On the bus to Olympia to have dinner on our own. Sarah Campbell, Melissa Antinori, Gladys Shrynemakers, and Kevin Lauth


A classic shot of the inimitable and gorgeous Gladys Shrynemakers


Yeah, but if we add more sections to English 16C, we will end up with…


Learning communities makes me want to hug myself…


Great food and good cheer with our terrific team


Reporting back to our other university teams


We had to perform in front of the entire NSILC… we did our own version of “Fly Me to the Moon.” It was “Fly me to Olympia” and choreographed with a remarkable precision and flair.


Resource Faculty left to right, Laura Pipe, Jillian Kinzie, and Sarah Ryan Continuing with our Team… Sarah Campbell, Jose R. Sanchez, Kevin Lauth…and at the rear, left to right, Katie Harmon, Deborah Mutnick, Melissa Antinori, and Michael Kavic (Gladys Schrynemakers had absconded)








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