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Collaborative Peer Learning – LIUBLC

WHAT IS Collaborative Learning Community? Click on link below to find out!

Collaborative Learning Communities is a LIUBLC program that helps students to improve study techniques. In most cases, peer learning has been known to raise grades one half to one whole grade point.

Collaborative Learning Communities, or Supplemental Instruction, is based on the principle that students can improve their mastery of a subject by engaging in interaction and discussions of difficult principles with other students.

A model student (a Peer Learning Leader – PLL) is selected to conduct these regularly scheduled Peer Learning sessions.

In general, the PLLeader has completed the course with a B or higher. He/she will attend the targeted course regularly and meet with the faculty member often. Peer Leader Recommendation Form.

During a PLL session, the leader works to reinforce the main concepts from the class lecture, shares problem-solving techniques, assists students to study together, provides test reviews, as well as introduces fun and helpful ways to study and practice for tests and quizzes.

  • Sessions do not duplicate class sessions nor do they provide remediation.
  • Sessions are designed to provide a more thorough understanding of course content.
  • Regular attendance helps to reduce out-of-class study time.
  • PL is a free service, included in student tuition.
  • Sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the majority of students­ For a complete list of PL sessions being offered this semester click here PL Schedule.
  • Times are set for weekly sessions after the first week of class and posted in the classroom.

PL sessions are held for­ the following but are not limited to:

  • Sociology
  • Political ScienceStudent Learning celebration 2015
  • Math
  • Biology
  • English
  • Spanish

PL experience videos… what to do and not do… from Riverside City College

“The Kidd”
“The SI Zone”
“Worst SI Session Ever”

Videos to jumpstart PL Training…developed by Utah State University­­


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