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Learning to Peer Lead

Training, like learning, will be a continuous part of what you do as a peer leader. Peer Learning Leaders are part of the Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) program of LIUBLC. The Peer Leader training process is an ongoing journey that takes place before and during the semester. Certain elements are mandatory while others are voluntary.

Much of the training will take place online. There will be an orientation and training right after the semester begins. That session will further explain the Peer Leading model, bring together the entire Peer Leading team to work in groups to solve problems, discuss topics, and solidify content knowledge in a fun, interactive way.

The online parts of the training process includes assorted readings, videos, Blackboard training and refresher, and examples of Peer Learning Session Planning and Reflection. Feel free to browse any or all of the online material and develop your understanding of what you will do. Peer Leaders who successfully complete the entire training and demonstrate proficiency will receive a Peer Leader Certificate. Those whose efforts prove unsuccessful are encouraged to continue training and apply again next semester. Peer Leaders will be compensated for all hours they devote to training, planning Study Group sessions, attending CLC class sessions, reflection reports, and participating in Peer Leader joint meetings. Remember that the maximum number of weekly hours that can be submitted in PL timesheets to the Center for Learning and Academic Success, in the LLC building, is 17.5 hours.

Peer Leader training:

  1. Summer Self TrainingVoluntary

Online at (Choose Peer Leader Resources at left menu)

Read Peer Leader Manual – Read introduction and browse to become familiar with the various techniques for improving student study skills and learning.

Read especially the material in the document titled Collaborative Peer Learning. Click on the videos for background and insight into how you will conduct peer-learning sessions (Some are funny).

Review syllabus and materials for course you plan to peer lead. Select techniques from Manual that you hope to utilize in your first Peer Leading Sessions. Design your first two Peer Learning Session Plans (Forms found towards the end of the Manual). Submit those mock plans to Professors Sanchez and Mutnick anytime during the summer up until two weeks before the Training Workshop below.

Review/Learn how to navigate Blackboard by viewing and studying videos at Blackboard Learn: For Students (

Additional reference materials to improve study skills at:


  1. Training Workshop: TBD

During the first two weeks that classes begin: Mandatory
Half day training, 9am-1pm.

9-11 AM: Tasks, relationships, contract review, Blackboard intro, making announcements and introductions, Pratt 321 tour, etc.
11-1 PM: Core PL experience, parts of a session, creating lesson plans and handouts, mock sessions based on videos, redirecting questions, etc. PL Certification determined after orientation.

Total Time: 4 hours

  1. Periodic Workshops (4 times each semester): Mandatory

Attend one-hour PL team meetings for additional in-service training.

Participate in guided Reflections, group interactions, brainstorming, team building, etc. Total Time: 4 hours

  1. Completion of 2 peer evaluations: First Month of Classes: Mandatory

Visit at least 2 fellow PL sessions and provide congratulatory and constructive feedback to your PL colleague, reflect on your own sessions and make possible changes. All peer reviews must be documented on our peer evaluation sheet and handed into the office for compilation and disbursement to evaluated leaders. Total Time: 2 hours

  1. Review self-guided video training: Throughout the semester: Voluntary – But recommended

From LIUBLC WordPress Collaborative Learning Page…Some from Utah State University­­

For adequate time for reflection and feedback, we suggest that each module be completed every two weeks. Modules typically take about 2 hours to adequately complete.
Total Time: 16 hours

Completion of all trainings: 38-46 hours/semester

Typical Time spent working as PL:

PL sessions= 2-3x/wk x 15 weeks = 30-45 hours/semester (PL wages = $10/hour or more)
PL Session Planning, Reflection, and Peer Consultation hours = 3x/wk x 15 weeks= 45 hours/semester

Typical Total logged Training and Leading hours = 113-136/semester

Total maximum PL logged hours/semester = 262.5/semester (Based on maximum of 17.5 hours per week)

Evaluation of PL leaders: Peer Evaluations

Supervisor and CLASS staff observations of PL sessions and Appraisal of lesson plans and handouts

  1. By supervisor
  2. By PL course faculty member(s)
  3. By peers

Review of student participation and Blackboard postings

  1. By supervisors
  2. By PL team members

End-of-Term Evaluation completed by faculty member(s)

End-of-Term Evaluation by supervisors and student Study Group participants



Peer Leader End-of Term Evaluation



Above Satisfactory  


Needs Improvement Not satisfactory Unable to evaluate
Course-Specific Knowledge/Skills
Group Interaction
Leadership Ability
Positive Attitude


SECTION TWO: Additional comments on the personal qualities of the applicant pertinent to the peer leader’s study session performance. Please add any additional materials.




☐ Highly Recommend    ☐ Recommend      ☐ Recommend with Reservation ☐ Do Not Recommend





________________________________________________                          ______________________________

Signature                                                                                   Date

For a PDF version of this material, please click on PEER LEADER TRAINING N CERTIFICATION_Final

LIUBLC Co-Coordinators: Dr. Jose R. Sanchez, 718-488-3436,

Dr. Deborah Mutnick, 718-488-1110,


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