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August 28, 2014 LIUBLC “Barbecue” Taco Bash

We had a good turnout of learning community faculty and students at our outdoor welcoming. We also managed to wrangle a beautifully sunny day with temps in the 70s and low humidity.  Go LIUBLC!!!!



P1100514 P1100515 P1100516 P1100517 P1100518 P1100520 P1100521 P1100522 P1100523 P1100524 P1100525 P1100527 P1100528 P1100529 P1100530







Great thank yous to the Promise Coaches for making this Shindig possible!!




















Promise leader Katie Harmon making sure everybody gets fed.













LIUBLC Professor Melissa Antinori, Alisa Yalan (from FMRC), and Professor Sarah Campbell

























Co-Director Deborah Mutnick and Alisa Yalan













The infamous Prof. Gladys Schrynemakers shooting…














Professor Deborah Mutnick
























Colonizing Mars LC student sends a UFO into space…














The superb Delicia Garnes of IT












LC Professor Arthur Kimmel and Alisa Yalan













LC Professor Nino Agulli

























Professors Campbell, Mutnick, and Kimmel











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