LIU Brooklyn Learning Communities

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Important documents for NSILC in July 2014

2014 LIUBLC Program Description:

LIU Brooklyn serves a student population whose academic preparedness (average combined SAT score is 890) and economic disadvantage (54% qualify for low income assistance) place them at high risk of failure to complete college. According to data compiled by LIU’s Office of Institutional Research in 2012, approximately 20% of students who entered the University in 2003, 2004, or 2005 graduated within six years, while 48% had neither graduated nor were attending college elsewhere. LIU’s mission historically has been to provide excellence and access to students from diverse ethnic, national, and economic backgrounds. At a time when access to higher education is in jeopardy for low income and academically less well prepared students, LIU has stayed true to this mission, augmenting policies as needed to provide financial, academic, and interpersonal support.

To that end, LIU Brooklyn is developing a broad, integrated approach to student engagement and persistence connected to overall student learning and student life. Increased coordination between faculty and the offices of Admissions, Student Development and Retention, Academic Support Services, and Student Life & Leadership Development has helped reinforce genuine learning in and out of the classroom. Now entering its third year as a faculty- driven initiative, LIU Brooklyn Learning Communities (LIUBLC) is modeled on existing, highly successful programs like HEOP and Honors that create a strong sense of community among students and demonstrate impressive completion rates.

LIUBLC 2014 TEAM ( Sarah Campbell not present)



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