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We reconceptualized our mission and structure as a result of what we learned by attending the NSILC in July 2012.  This is what we designed:



LIUBLC Structure


After discussions in our Coordinating Committee, we decided to make some adjustments in our program structure below.  Most of these changes represent our concern to make clear that our major concern is with students and student learning as well as to validate the central role played by the Coordinating Committee in establishing overall policy.  The Advisory Board will be a body where important university stakeholders will convene and offer support to the program.

1. LIUBLC 2014 Organizational Structure




2. Student Mentors (Pending)

3. LIUBLC Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee, convened in fall 2012 with diverse representation from across campus, including faculty, staff, and administrators, is charged with developing and overseeing key aspects of the program: communication and outreach, assessment, and curriculum.

o    The Curricular/Co-Curricular Subcommittee is charged with developing models for integrative learning.

o    The Assessment Subcommittee is charged with developing models of assessment for course-embedded student learning outcomes, program effectiveness, and institutional effectiveness.

o    The Outreach and Communication Subcommittee is charged with developing models for recruitment, marketing, and external and internal communication.


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