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New LIUBLC Space on 3rd Floor of Pratt

As of fall 2014, the LC program will enjoy a new, dedicated space on the third floor of the Pratt Building with two classrooms, office space, and additional, expansive meeting areas for students and faculty. While minor renovations were made prior to the beginning of the semester, we plan to engage in a much more extensive reconceptualization of the space, which we will share with Global College, over the course of the year. Aware of the critical importance of design and functionality in creating a welcoming, technologically enhanced center, and fostering community, dialogue, and learning in and out of the classroom, the Program goal is to engage LC faculty and students in a series of conversation over the course of AY2014-15 about the purposes, needs, and best possible designs of the Center. This process will both benefit the development of the space by tapping into diverse perspectives to inform its design and help create a sense of belonging to it across the Brooklyn campus.

Below are some pictures from the space. We will be getting more and better furniture, decorate with pictures, and establish a process during the 2014-15 academic year that will include faculty and students to access how to better use and design the space for teaching, learning, and socializing.

P1100531 P1100532 P1100533 P1100534 P1100535

P1100500 P1100501 P1100502 P1100504 P1100505 P1100507 P1100508 P1100509 P1100510 P1100511 P1100512


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