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Peer Learning Resources for Stem Faculty

This is a compilation of materials that provide information and research on the value of peer learning in STEM fields:

1. How peer assisted reviews of student writing in biology courses improves learning:


2. How a professionalized peer leader program improved student learning in STEM courses:


3. Power Point presentation of one peer-reviewed STEM academic research paper:


4. Major research study shows how active learning (ex. Peer Learning) improves student performance in STEM courses


5. The Barnard award-winning series of in-class game simulations (Reacting to the Past) has a number of games for STEM fields. Game simulations are a wonderful way to bring students into the STEM disciplines. Below are a few. You have to register to have access.

“The following chapter-length games have been developed with funding from a National Science Foundation grant and have been played at the Annual Reacting Institute at Barnard College.

Additional games can be found at the Reacting to the Past: STEM Games site.”

Barnard College’s Reacting to the Past main website.

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